14 November 2011: One more week…

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

A Simple Murder drops next week, so stay tuned. Follow the Kudzu Corner for updates or follow me on Twitter (@olemissgrad38).

Readers of the first Wade Stuart novel will recall that Enemy Within ended with Stuart resigning from the Bureauof Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms after thwarting a bloody attempt by a Mississippi militia to take over the state. And if you haven’t gotten your copy of Enemy Within yet, now’s the time — for a special release price of 99 cents. Get it here.

In A Simple Murder, Stuart has relocated to the island of Oahu and is content to while away his days in Hawaii as freelance reporter. But when he reports on a murder aboard the Marine base on Oahu, he discovers a sinister plot to kill hundreds of innocent tourists.

Learn more by joining a Q&A session at Goodreads, and by subscribing to this blog. I’ll post more info this week as the drop date nears.


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