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Outside-02-215x330Someone is robbing and killing drug dealers in Sheriff Colt Harper’s rural Mississippi county. Harper is a stoic man-of-action with his own strong, moral code… one that exists outside the law. He’s up for reelection, seeking redemption for past sins, while battling a rise in drug crimes and the recent murders of two local drug dealers. But his troubles are only beginning. A Memphis drug lord has sent Hack, a cold-blooded assassin, to the county to stop the killings and the Sheriff’s costly crusade against his business. It’s Hack’s last chance to redeem himself for past, gruesome sins that even his druglord employer can’t abide. At the same time, ATF Special Agent Molly McDonough, exiled to the Memphis backwater after disobeying orders and insubordination, has picked up on Hack’s trail of corpses and has followed them to the county, hoping this is the case that will redeem herself and save her once fast-rising career. The fates of these three brutally collide in a battle where redemption can only be found in blood and bullets.

Coming in February 2017 from Brash Books.


UPDATE: There’s that old saying about making sausage…if you saw how it was done, you’d never eat it again. Putting a manuscript through the process of publication is definitely some sausage making. Sparing all the gory (read: boring) details, the bottom line is that the working title of the next Colt Harper story, which was “Bad Blood,” has gone away in favor of the title Outside the Law. So look for it soon, coming from Brash Books.