28 October 2016: Today’s crime fiction links…and really bad titles!

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Review: In Connelly’s compelling ‘Wrong Side of Goodbye,’ Bosch deciphers the pastHarry Bosch’s idea of retiring is getting two new jobs. The legions of fans of Michael Connelly’s bestselling 19-book series about the Los Angeles detective can be grateful for that. In Connelly’s new novel, The Wrong Side of Goodbye, Bosch has left the LAPD but can’t quit chasing the bad guys.

wild-at-heart_9Awful Titles Famous Authors Almost Gave Their NovelsA title has to do a lot of work. At the least, it should entice readers and encapsulate the spirit of the text. So it’s no surprise even the greatest authors have struggled to craft the perfect one.

Partners in crime: Lawbreakers and music, in a new short-story collectionCrime and music seem so deeply intertwined in American culture, such natural thematic counterparts, that it is surprising that no one has had the idea of publishing an anthology like “Crime Plus Music” before.

Why The Fall Is Unlike Any Other Crime Show on TelevisionThis weekend, the third season of the The Fall returns to Netflix. The Fall has flown relatively under the radar in North America, despite starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan (aka the guy from Fifty Shades of Grey).

Realtors by day (murder mystery writers by night) warn of dangerEver had a deal fall through because you stumbled across a body in the master bath’s Whirlpool?


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