31 October 2016: Today’s crime fiction links

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vintage-halloween-costume-5Happy Halloween, y’all. Nothing like some creepy-ass costumes from days gone by to get you in the mood.

Crime wave: Why are so many writers inspired by East Anglia?I stood on the windswept, desolate beach and then dipped my head below the blue and white police tape. As blue lights flashed, I watched the ambulance team at work. But there was no hope. The corpse lay motionless on the pebbles.

Classic novel The Moonstone returns to BBCBBC Television has a great reputation for turning classic literature into excellent television serials.

Anthony Horowitz’s Magpie Murders a compendium of dark delightsOne of the more notable trends in recent crime fiction has been the revival of interest in what might be called the traditional mystery.

  1. Love your posts! Awesome and entertaining!

    and with such frequency! 🙂

    Looking forward to the next ones! while I go back and read the earlier ones I missed!

    Semper Fi, Sabin M. Jarvis

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