10 November 2016: USMC birthday … and crime

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thompson_philipyckrkj9eiHappy 241st birthday to the United States Marine Corps! And since it’s on a Thursday, I figured I might as well do a little Throwback Thursday, too. That’s me on the left, circa 1988, as a 1st lieutenant and executive officer of the Marine Detachment aboard the USS Missouri (BB-63). Semper Fi, Marines.


Today’s links:

Crime fiction roundup: Missing nannies, Derby doping and the return of Harry BoschGenerally, this column avoids best sellers, preferring to highlight less familiar, easily overlooked crime novels. On the other hand, sometimes a best seller just hits the spot.

Crime Fiction Since 1800: Since its appearance nearly two centuries ago, crime fiction has gripped readers’ imaginations around the world. Detectives have varied enormously: from the nineteenth-century policemen (and a few women), through stars like Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple, to newly self-aware voices of the present – feminist, African American, lesbian, gay, postcolonial and postmodern.

Book Reviews: Crime fictionConnelly’s Bosch series is one of the best in modern crime, last year’s The Crossing was as deftly crafted a novel as he’s produced and this new one is even better; deeper and with a wider scope.

What’s Marcia Clark reading?Recognized as the lead prosecutor during the O.J. Simpson murder, Clark has made a mark as an author as well. First came Without a Doubt, her 1997 memoir about the infamous trial. In 2011, Clark launched her first crime series, featuring protagonist Rachel Knight, Los Angeles Special Trials prosecutor. This year, with Blood Defense, she introduced readers to Samantha Brinkman, who is on the other side as a criminal defense attorney.

The Mistletoe Murder review: P.D. James’ stories with a Christmas flavour:Who better to cater to your Christmas crime needs than P. D. James? The queen of crime died in 2014, but her work lives on and in The Mistletoe Murder, four of her better stories are republished.

  1. Brenda Shusko says:


    • C.E. Jarvis says:

      SEMPER FI and Happy Birthday to you too Sir. From Cpl. Jarvis MARDET USS MISSOURI 1987-88. That picture sure is familiar…
      I just read your 2011 B-day message, I remember that “Birthday at sea” very fondly as well.
      Hope you had a good one this year.

  2. Bull weeks says:

    Thank you for your service Phillip. Proud of a home boy willing to serve. Years have passed but still glad to call you friend. The days at New Hope certainly prepared you for great things. The army worms of spring practice and golf ball recovery at the country club should qualify as an early prerequisite to Marine life ;-). Be blessed

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