VWPThe Booze Rumor, published November 2012, O-Dark-Thirty (the literary journal of the Veterans Writing Project)

“Moonpie was laughing his ass off as we bounced all over the Pacific sky while our C-5 refueled from another plane. Guys were puking all over the place, and the ones who weren’t were as green as St. Patrick’s Day.” 

Read the full story here.


Dead Mule 2Kenny’s Saturday Night Cake Walk, published July 2013, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

“Bobby flipped him an ice-cold Bud out of the refrigerator, over his shoulder, before heading out through the kitchen door and into the back yard – mostly ankle-high crabgrass and dandelion. Couple of lawn chairs. Bobby took one, Kenny the other. They sat and drank down the top half of their beers.”

Read the full story here.

cropped-tknc-header-1Anything You Want, published February 2014, Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos

“I’d never killed a woman before, but the more Cindy talked, the more inclined I was to change my position. The only thing I wanted to hear come out of her mouth had to do with a pile of money, not some bullshit about gun control. As far as I was concerned, I had the gun pointed at her face under control. “

Read the full story here.

GUTTER MAIN HEADERNot me, published March 2014, Out Of The Gutter Online

“The subway is no place to fuck around. I don’t even like the subway, but I don’t have a driver’s license. So I jammed myself into a corner and stood near the door as it lurched toward the city. Three stops to fresh air, sunshine and work.”

Read the full story here.

Exceptions to the Rule, published June 2014, The Shamus Sampler II

Shamus Sampler 2“As a rule, shooting a man is never easy. There are, however, exceptions to that rule. One is when the son of a bitch has it coming anyway, usually as the result of a transgression so vile that he has no reasonable expectation to a happy conclusion of his days.”
Jack Cable, a small-town private eye with big-time problems, makes his debut. Full story available as part of the Shamus anthology at Amazon here.



A Crimson Halo, published April 2015, Near To The Knuckle

Crimson-Halo5678-1038x576Jack Cable returns in a tale of deceit and betrayal: “Joe set his pistol on the counter and poured a cup of coffee from the machine. He took a sip, then slid the magazine out of the 9mm. The mag held 17. He reloaded the gun and stuck it in the back of his jeans and took a sip.” Read the full story here.


Making a Living Making a Killing, published October 2015, Yellow Mama

YM“I don’t usually kill anyone before noon, but since Vance was drinking whiskey in the passenger seat at nine o’clock in the morning, it didn’t feel like morning anyway.” Read the full story here.


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